The Hotpantz is a geek-electro-pop group with multinational flavors of music. Their mission is to deform and redefine various kinds of art&culture, including movies, animation, game design and even traditional art into "POP". Although raised and born in different nations and backgrounds, together they seek towards their mutual utopia with their unlimited strong love for music. Experimenting and experiencing EDM, Electro, Pop, Hiphop, R&B, Techno, house, funk, Disco and world music, their exciting journey of "redefining Pop Music" has just begun.


2.22.2017 NEW RELEASE

"Shadyman (Short Version)"

11.30.2016 NEW RELEASE

"Jingle Mingle Lover"

11.16.2016 NEW RELEASE


10.05.2016 NEW RELEASE


08.31.2016 NEW RELEASE

"Beachside Lover Remix"

07.21.2016 NEW RELEASE

"Beachside Lover"


2.22.2017 UPDATE

Shadyman (Short Version)

11.29.2016 UPDATE

Jingle Mingle Lover

11.28.2016 UPDATE

Beachside Lover (Remix)

11.10.2016 UPDATE

Nowhereland [type B]

11.01.2016 UPDATE

Nowhereland [type A]

09.05.2016 UPDATE

Beachside Lover



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